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Company Culture

Create core concepts : technological services to fulfill their dreams of wealth

"Wealth creation, social services" is diversified cultural values, is a diversified cultural activities of all the highest standard.Yujie people with responsibility for social development, with a heightened sense of social responsibility and mission.Technology to develop new products that customers return to the community and a sincere partner, the dream of creating a win-win.

Yujie strategy:Develop the best products, provide the best service to create the best brand

Distinguished not only beyond.Face the prospects for the development of aquaculture feed industry, Yujie were lofty, high aspiration.Relying on high-tech and research institutions at home and abroad to join hands and to constantly enhance our overall competitiveness, hard work,toward "creating a first-rate aquatic feed the" giant strides forward in the direction. 

Yujie purpose : to create value for customers, employees and create opportunities for social responsibility
Yujie spirit:Developing realistic and innovative unity
Yujie objectives : technological innovation, ahead of
Yujie slogan : staff loved supreme customers
Yujie conviction : building a first-class environment for cultivating talented people, possess first-class technology, production-class products, and provide excellent service,class efficiency

Management : rigorous sincerity of the people above everything else